Written By Bryan Flowers (From Night Wish Group)

Ten Tips to Buying a Bar In Pattaya

I have written many writeups about buying bars in Pattaya, I even posted an extensive checklist but I decided to stop helping people for free all the time because I am busy and its created me issues in the past.  So I am keeping this short and sweet.

  1.  Do you have an edge?  experience managing staff? experience with business?  a following or sizeable social media reach? experience with branding or marketing?
  2.  Find a good location even if the rent seems silly.
  3.  Spend a few years creating a Pattaya related following by offering info about Pattaya,  this could be a website, forum, youtube channel, blog, meetup.com meetings,  writing a book, local videos on facebook or tiktok.
  4. Find some trustworthy Thai people to use for licenses, leases etc.  It can take years to figure people out and trust them.  Some people are trustworthy but not efficient at work, you don’t need to appoint the same person for all roles.
  5.  Plan/test to see how you are going to employ hostesses and other staff, you can start off by supplying them to someone else’s bar first
  6.  Plan all your expenses, renovations, safety fund, get contracts between partners to manage expectations,  leases/contracts need to be in Thai
  7.  Remember most people are buying themselves a job when buying a bar, it takes years to set it up to have it working profitable and efficient, to have it running nicely before you can step on the backseat, many guys buy bars and expect to do nothing, but only do it if you are prepared to put the hours in.
  8. Buying a bar is not a hobby, its a business.  Many people buy bars to retire or a bit of fun.  If you want a profitable bar, you need to put more hours in that a full-time job.
  9. Find good staff and build roles around them, this is a lot more efficient and effective.
  10. Get some training, or learn from the best. Plenty of bar owners will help you but look at the numbers of their customers and how much they are making. There are always excuses but you need to tune out and learn from the best. Success leaves clues.  I know some very big cashflow businesses that do not make money and I know many businesses that aren’t making anything with many customers sat inside their bars.

    I wrote a similar article a while back with 30 tips – Buy a bar or small business in Pattaya

If you do need help buying any business in Pattaya with a professional consultant, please contact me on facebook,  I work with someone consulting sometimes. He’s got 30 years experience in many businesses, I have deep local knowledge and specific info.

Having better bar owners around is good for Pattaya because of more marketing reach (promotion of Pattaya) and more girls for customers.

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