2020 Thailand Bar and Entertainment Closure and No Booze Days

Want to make sure you are aware of the religious holidays that per Thai law close all the bars for 2020?

Well, Pattaya Unplugged is here for you. The following days are guaranteed closure days for 2020. This means that Bars, Entertainment venues, Gogos, etc are closed. Sales of ALL booze is prohibited. No stores, restaurants or hotels will legally sell these days. Nightclubs, live music places, etc will be closed. Most tourist attractions, restaurants, malls, movies, etc. are open….but NO booze is sold on these days. There are five guaranteed closure days and a few “possible” days:

Saturday, Feb 8-Makha Bucha Day. NO Booze.

Wednesday, May 6th-Visakha Bucha Day. NO Booze.


This one could be iffy. Asanha Bucha Day is officially on Saturday, July 4th. The government observed holiday is Monday, July 6th. The start of Buddhist Lent is officially Tuesday, July 7th. Every year this is a two-day closure so likely to be July 6th and July 7th as a closure. There is a decent CHANCE however the 4th-5th could be the closure dates. The 4th is a major holiday for Americans and if it is a closure day will end many fourth of July bar plans.

Friday, October 2nd-End of Buddhist Lent. Guaranteed closure.

Highly Possible:

Tuesday, October 13th- Anniversary of His Majesty King Rama IX’s death.

Unlikely, but being discussed:

Monday, April 13th, 2020-Songkran Day. For several years an increasingly vocal movement has asked to ban booze on the first day of Songkran to reduce deaths from drunk driving. Highly unlikely to actually happen.

Finally, one addition-Songkran dates in Pattaya start from around the 11th/12th until the 19th. This question is asked EVERY year. If you come during this time prepare to get wet. The big day in which the whole city goes wild is the 19th.

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