It can be difficult to find out what is going on around the world right now unless it happens to be about Covid-19.  Every media report and news story seems to be aimed at the virus.  I went through and dug out some of the other actual newsworthy things that are happening around the world during this ridiculous time.  Ther are much more important and cool things going on than some silly virus outbreak.

  1.  2nd Person Cured of HIV:  Thanks to the wonders of stem cell treatment in the UK, a second person has been cured of HIV.  Adam Castillejo, formerly known as “The London Patient”, underwent a series of stem cell treatments using cells from a donor with a genetic mutation that makes them resistant to HIV.  The methods used on Castillejo were first used on Timothy Brown (The Berlin Patient) back in 2007.  For more information on this story:  Live Science Full Article / The Lancet

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  2. Hummingbird Sized Dinosaur Discovered:  Researchers in northern Myanmar have discovered a tiny, toothed bird that one flitted around 99 million years ago.  The species has been dubbed Oculudentavis khaungraae and is said to be about the size of a bee hummingbird. Unlike the bee hummingbird, however, O. khaungraae was a predator.  According to Jingmai O’Connor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, “It had more teeth than any other Mesozoic bird, regardless of size”.  For the full story:  Science News
  3. Plague of Locusts in Africa:  East Africa is currently dealing with a plague to match those in the stories of Moses and Pharoah.  City sized swarms of hundreds of billions of locusts are rampaging any and all crops that get in their path.  It is estimated by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization that a swarm covering one square km can eat as much food in one day as 35,000 human beings.  It is also estimated that the locusts could see a 500 fold increase by June.  For the full story:  Wired

  4. Huge Asteroid to Pass by Earth:  The asteroid known as (52768)1998 OR2 will be flying by the earth in April.  It will be the largest asteroid flyby this year and it will be the closest on April 29th, 2020.  The space rock is thought to be at least 1.7 km x 4.1 km in size.  Viewers will be able to view the huge space rock via their telescopes.  (52768)1998 OR2 will pass approximately 6 million km away (about 16 times the Earth-moon distance.  For the full story:  EarthSky

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  5. Dengue Fever on the Rise:  All around the globe, dengue fever infections are rising. Singapore saw 1,723 cases in the first five weeks of the year.  That is 60% higher than the infections diagnosed over the same period for last year.  Researchers believe a possible outbreak of DenV-3, a strain of dengue not seen for more than 30 years.Singapore is not the only country experiencing a rise in dengue cases, however,  South Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia, Paraguay and several other countries around the world are also seeing similar increases. For the full story: NY Times / Straits Times (Singapore) / PAHO/WHO

There is a lot more going on than just the global fear of Covid-19.  While it is an important topic, we also cannot let it govern our lives and decisions.  We cannot let this thing control us!  Stop adding to the panic and start sharing around stories that are non-coronavirus related.

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