From the 8th to 16th of March 2020 Pattaya will be hosting the 5th International & Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival with The Glory Pattaya.  The event typically is held in Bangkok but this year it’s all going down right on the beach.

Martial arts fans are sure to find something that fills them with adrenaline at this event.  The activities consist of both mat style sports and ring style sports, some of the events are as follows:

On The Mat:  Dap Thai (Thai sword), Keta Muay Thai (Muay Thai aerobics), Mae Mai Muay Thai (Muay Thai choreographed fight scenes), Jeet Kune Do and light/low kick amateur kickboxing.

In the Rings:  Amateur kickboxing, amateur Muay Boran, amateur Muay Thai, Pro-Am Muay Thai and professional Muay Thai.

The festival will also offer other activities such as seminars on judging/refereeing and Muay Boran, a food festival and several Thai market stalls will be set up for your enjoyment.

Who will walk away from this year’s event with coveted titles and championship belts?  Only time will tell.  Mark it on your calendars and we’ll see you at the event!

For more information visit the ITMA Official Facebook Page Here


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