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Good day Pattaya Unplugged!

My name is Christopher.  I don’t put quill to paper much anymore, so I have asked my grandson to write while I talk.  I was born a few years back on February 12, 1936 which means I am pretty damn old. I wanted to write in today to talk a little about the situation around the world as I see it.

I look around and see many of these young kids (most of you are young kids to me) that are really and truly afraid of this pain in the butt virus and I can’t help but giggle.

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I have survived just about everything that the world has thrown at me up to this point. Being raised around the time of the Great Depression, watching the woman I love collapse in tears as I left for Vietnam, a few car accidents here and there, losing a son and collapsing in tears myself as that same beautiful woman who watched me leave for Vietnam left herself, for Heaven.

This old body has its share of aches and pains and scars that will never go away but the one thing it still has is LIFE.  Personally, I’m tired of waiting around the house to either die of old age or the virus.  I happen to think I’ve still got a few good years carting around the city before the good Lord tells me its time.  So, let’s roll the dice and open her back up ASAP.

In all my life I have never seen such hysteria and paranoia.  Sure, when I was coming up we didn’t have much and everyone was a little worried about where they would be able to get money for their next meal but I have never in all my years seen anyone lock down the world.  This is absolutely unprecedented.

Before anyone says “you should worry about giving it to others”, why?  I am 84 years old.  I am the perfect target for the Coronavirus and among the age group of people that are dying the most from it and still I say “Come at me bro” (Clearly, I’ve been watching too much YouTube).  If anything, I should be the one afraid of going out but that is not the case.

I see it is super easy for some politicians in the west to keep their localities locked down, that is probably because to most of them The Great Depression is nothing more than a word and most have the money to weather this thing for many many years.  The world is already starting to go stir crazy and I do have to say, I am happy I am in Thailand still.

Hopefully all of this talk about possibly re-opening sometime in May will actually come to fruition and we can look back on the virus and laugh at how stupid we were.  Until then, my advice to everyone is to take the time you have and spend it with your families.  Turn off the bad news on the television and break out the chess, battleship and monopoly boards.  Put down your cell phones and stop focusing on the panic and instead, spend the time bonding or doing something productive. (I even considered making a YouTube channel).

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9 times out of 10 the ones who are sitting at home terrified of the virus are also the ones watching the news 24/7.  Take it from someone who has survived it all, this is NOT the end of the world and this virus is NOT as bad as the media makes it out to be, so turn it off!

I hope and pray that those reading this are healthy and safe (I’m assuming if they aren’t, they probably won’t be reading it anyway).  Thank your for taking a few moments to read the thoughts of this restless old man.

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