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1. Currency exchange is looking much better than it has in previous years.

2. No Chinese tour groups or bus convoys causing traffic throughout the city.

3. There are very few tourists, only real men are still arriving, the rest are too scared because grandma told them the virus is evil.

4. There are more women now than ever in the bars, with less work in their hands.

5. Many local attractions are offering discounts or special prices on admission and shows.

6. Your trip helps the Thai economy during this tough time.

7. There are way more free-thinkers around to talk to and the number of “sheep” have been reduced drastically.

8. Now is the best time to find amazing rates on hotels and other accommodation as many are offering huge discounts.

9. Now is the most opportune time to really experience Pattaya and Thailand in a way you never would have been able to before.

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