A Dinner at Hungry Panda-Great Chinese Food in Pattaya

A Dinner at Hungry Panda-Great Chinese Food in Pattaya

By: Adam Judd


It’s the Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis period still (although appears to be winding down) and I’d like to highlight the Hungry Panda restaurant, a new place located on Soi Lengkee next to Smokin Joes in Pattaya, only a few minutes walk from LK Metro. Pattaya Unplugged is supposed to be about showing visitors to Pattaya great local places and highlight them and as the city starts to re-open we are right back to doing so.

They popped up without a lot of warning right when the Coronavirus issue began, which was unfortunate, but have managed already to attract some word of mouth following which is how I heard about this place. I’ve always wanted some reliable Western style Chinese food here but it’s very rare as there usually isn’t a large enough audience for it and when Pattaya is full of Chinese they prefer “Chinese” style, such as BBQ, hot pots and seafood that the majority of western folks do not enjoy.

I have yet to find true “American Style” Chinese here but this is the next closest thing and since I enjoyed my meal I wanted to share this place with our unplugged readers to give them an idea of a nice hidden Gem in Pattaya.

They are also on Lineman, Foodpanda and Grab. When I went to eat here I stayed over an hour and only saw two other customers during dinner time at around 7:00 PM, however I saw at least five delivery drivers come and go during this time so it appears they are starting to make an impression on the delivery applications. Also, some people are still hesitant to go out during the Covid-19 crisis to eat. I also ordered delivery from Grab a few days after originally visiting and will comment on that below. An important note-this is an unsponsored post and we have no alignment or partnership with Hungry Panda at all, this is strictly based on my experience.

First off, let’s take a look at the menu:

They also are partners with The Grill, which is officially upstairs but the same building which has burgers and other items, but I have not tried that and went here specifically as Pattaya has needed a reliable regular Chinese place for some time.

Upon arriving I was the only customer but still had to use the Thai Check in application, have my temperature checked and wash my hands with sanitizer which was expected during the current Covid-19 situation. However, otherwise the restaurant is totally normal-no annoying partitions, no x’s marking off places to seat and I confirmed a family and friends can sit together normally here.

The staff spoke great English and was very friendly. It was one of the few places I have eaten in Pattaya where I had what I would consider Western style service…making light suggestions while I perused the menu, asking how my food was during the meal and then checking when I was finished to make sure everything went well and inviting me to come back again. They are well trained and it was pleasant.

I had a coke, the General Tso Chicken and Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables. I have been dying to have General Tso chicken for years as it is uncommon here-I am happy to report that the meal was delicious and it was perfectly to my liking, reminded me of my time eating Chinese takeout back in America.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasant, playing chillout trance style music at a perfect volume.  One other customer came in while I was present, as mentioned, for dine in, but the number of delivery drivers coming and going showed me the place is VERY popular for take away, as you would expect with a quality new Chinese restaurant in town.

Earlier this evening I ordered take away and was impressed with the special boxes they use, the complementary chopsticks and napkins and other items and how professional they took the take away experience. Tonight I had the Chow Mein Chicken and the Honey and Garlic spare ribs. Both were excellent and portions, for me anyways as a thin guy, were large. I have plenty of Chow Mein to eat later, that’s for sure!

The restaurant is in the mid range price wise and may turn off those on a strict budget but I will be a regular visitor and it is great to have a Chinese restaurant in town for western tastes. If you have visited tell me what you think in the comments, I look forward to reading them!


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