A photo look at the Kept Bangsaray Lighthouse Cafe and Hotel not far from Pattaya


  Hello, out there Pattaya Unplugged land!

  Today, with our friends from Pattaya Review, we are going to give everyone a glimpse at the Kept Bangsaray Lighthouse Club and Pier (which is also a hotel)

First off, their Facebook is right here for many more photos and information.

They can also be reached on LINE here for more information:

Line @TheLighthouse 

First, in their own words, Kept Bangsaray is situated between Jomtien and Bangsaray and enjoys an incomparable beachfront location replete with picture-perfect views.
They are located HERE.
According to the owners, it is meant to give people a small taste of the Maldives right in Bangsaray, complete with plenty of seafood and eight pier/seaside villas for those who want to stay right on the sea. Here are a few pictures from our recent visit. The day was a bit overcast, but the place is clearly somewhere that will become quite popular for both domestic and foreign tourists.
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