‘Everything stops for tea’…

So goes the song and you should definitely stop here for something special in Pattaya that offers far more than simply afternoon tea.

Pattaya is full of the brash and sometimes feels rather low class, driving your yearning for something different and a little more refined.

If you are visiting with family and children, worn out from water slides and looking at statues and dinosaurs, then may we heartily recommend the Tea Factory, Pattaya.

Where is the Tea Factory (A La Campagne)?

Pardon the French but this hideaway is out in the (urban) country but right on the main Sukhumvit Road about a kilometre or so past the famous Floating Market in Na Jomtien.

Wherever you are in Pattaya just head on up to the main Sukhumvit Road and head south or use the map below for directions and location.

Thai addresses are quite a mystery sometimes and the address is given as 21/2 Moo 1, Na Jomtien, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand but don’t let that put you off.

You can book a reservation on 091 780 1254 which is advisable at the weekends!

What Are the Tea Factory A La Campagne’s Opening Hours?

Pattaya Tea Factory is open from 10 am until 9 pm Monday through Thursday and 10 am until 10 pm Friday through Sunday.

This is a place for tea and cakes or for a light lunch or dinner from their extensive menu and to get the best value you should give yourself time to mooch around the grounds, enjoy the feel of the place and relax.

Kids can Feed the Chickens and Take Home Free Range Eggs for You. It’s a Win-Win

What is the A La Campagne Like?

Really it is like a beautiful urban farm with various buildings in distinctive styles. There are a few shops selling local wares as well as three areas for eating and drinking in different styled environments.

Then there is the play area for kids, well maintained, fun and free. And there are two lovely horses to feed and chickens as well.

Kids can buy a package to feed the animals for 50 baht which is fun or for 145 baht you can feed the animals and collect half a dozen free-range eggs from the chickens to take home (180 baht if you’d like 10 eggs).

As well as the statues and elegant buildings there are statues dotted around and plenty of things to interest to see. This is not just a restaurant or cafe venue but much more!

Wooden Play Structure Fun in the Tea Factory Gardens

You pull in from the road and park up either to the side or front of the main restaurant.

A parking attendant will come to put a cloth over your windshield to keep the sun off – we generally give these guys a small tip when we leave – 10-20 baht is par for the course but entirely optional.

Tea Factory Pattaya (Cafe Section)

The Tea Factory is a tea house with an extensive food menu, more than a café with a veranda to the front and rear. You can sit outside without the sun beating down on your head or take the open seating set out around a small fountain at the back.

Alternatively, you can sit inside and feel a little cooler and maybe romantic with the soft, somewhat dim lighting to most of the internal area.

The Tea Factory building is styled on a tea plantation villa and has the perfect environment for a cup of tea in the afternoon.

As you walk inside you will see the cakes on offer around the coffee and tea making area, so take your time to pick your favourite cake.

Strawberry Sponge Cake for Kids & Cake Addicts

What is A La Campagne’s Menu Like?

You can order hot tea, fruit teas, coffee, healthy fruit drinks, and cakes, but you really must try the cold brewed tea served with ice in signature bottles – truly delicious.

If you want to eat, maybe come for brunch as there are several set breakfasts available such as smoked salmon omelettes with sausage, bacon ham, mushrooms, caramelized beetroot, toast, and salad all for 280 baht plus service and VAT or at the cheaper end a poached egg on spinach with mushrooms and beetroot mashed potatoes topped with hollandaise sauce for just 175 baht++.

If coming for lunch then there is a range of soups from 160-180 baht, salads from 220-350 baht, various kinds of pasta from 200 -380 baht, burgers from 250 to 350 baht, meat & fish dishes from 320-750 baht and more. All prices have 10% and 7% added for service and VAT – a practice that I disagree with but widespread in the restaurant business.

Cold Brewed Tea Infused with Wonderful Complimentary Tastes – Tea Factory Pattaya

Somtum Villa (North-Eastern Thai Menu Cafe Restaurant Section)

If you’d rather go for more traditional Thai food then head over to Somtum Villa which is in a different building sort of resembling a Spanish church outside and decorated with local reed artefacts inside.

In here you can order various dishes, mostly traditional North-Eastern Thai food including a range of different Somtum’s (papaya salad) and grilled meats with spicy sauces.

Again a wide range of food available and rather than price it all out, you can download the menu from their website here to get an idea of prices.

Tea Factory – Romantic at Night Too

The Rouge (Chic Bar Section)

La Rouge is a red-themed cocktail bar where you can buy adult beverages and signature cocktails to entertain your partner or just relax in the evening.

This vintage European style bar is decorated with chandeliers and lots of wood for an opulent air though I am not sure the marble-topped tables match particularly well.

Other Interesting Things to See at the Tea Factory A La Campagne

Kids can See the Horses and Feed Them before Stuffing Themselves with Cake!

Shops & Children’s Play Area

The shops are all cute, with plenty of interesting, not so touristy products on offer. These are well worth a browse.

The children’s play area though is great fun for the kids and a definite free attraction with a rope bridge and slide, swings and other wooden playthings to entertain the kids.

When they have run themselves silly in there you can take them off to feed the horses and the chickens and put them to work getting your free-range eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. It is an experience they will remember.

We suggest having them do the play and animal activities first to wear them out and then you can relax over tea and cake, brunch or dinner with the apples of your eye running on low battery. If they are supercharged Duracells then bribery with cake, a green tea milkshake or Italian Soda.

How About Some Chocolate Cake with Coffee?

Anyone for Tea & Cake?

Check out some of the cakes on offer at the Tea Factory.

Farming & Tea Workshops

The venue hosts workshops for veggie farming for the children and a tea workshop for adults but these are not really aimed at tourists it seems as they require a minimum number of 20 attendees.

If you are interested then head on over to their website which is linked to below.

Free Range Eggs – Take Home Your Eggs Unfertilized – Sometimes a Good Decision


If you are looking for a venue for a wedding in Pattaya, then this is an iconic place to book it.

The grounds are full of photo opportunities and make for a wonderful setting for a Pattaya Wedding.

There are various packages available and the best way for us to assist you is by providing a link where you can explore further.

About The Author: 

Ty lives in Pattaya with his family and loves to travel and eat nice food. His favourite drink is Matcha Green Tea at the moment.

Ty creates videos on Youtube (Tastes & Places) and reviews all manner of places to see as well as great places to eat so that you can choose the best places to spend your valuable vacation time.



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