About Us

Our Mission:

Enriching lives through the delivery of Honest, Consistent, and Raw Pattaya and Thailand media content.

Our Goal:

To become the premium destination where there is an online Pattaya reality escape, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly; giving nourishment, pleasure, controversy, and great emotional engagement.

Our Founding Date:

We started work on this project in November 2018 in Pre-Alpha status. Beta work officially began in September of 2019 as we expanded our team and started focusing on building the best information source for tourists and ex-pats in Pattaya, Thailand. When the Covid-19 situation broke out in March of 2020, we took a “pause”, although still update our social media accounts. When the pandemic subsides and borders begin to re-open we plan to resume daily, quality posts around Pattaya for tourists, newbies, and everyone in between. As of September 2021, with Thailand finally planning to open Pattaya to vaccinated foreign tourists (although with conditions) we have started regular content once again.

Our Continuing Mission:

Creating, developing & linking authentic, honest, & unprocessed online Media content; delivering enrichment to the emotionally starved, the lonely, bored, cantankerous, opinionated, loquacious, disaffected, indignant, verbose, incensed, passionate, loud, bitter & occasionally eloquent.

In a nutshell, we look to be the ultimate source of information, promotion, and media for tourists and ex-pats to Pattaya, Thailand, with hundreds of free articles, reviews, blogs, tips, and more.

Who are we:

Pattaya Unplugged is the sister and companion site to The Pattaya News, Pattaya’s leading news source, focusing on a total media site for Pattaya and an ultimate source of information for tourists and ex-pats. Pattaya Unplugged is owned by the Nightwish Group. The website was founded by Adam Judd in late 2018, also Co-owner of The Pattaya News. Complete contact information and bios for ownership of the site can be found under the Contact us section.

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