Chinese New Year is coming up, and while you may be thinking, “I’m in Thailand, why are we celebrating Chinese New Year?”, Chinese Thais actually make up approximately 14% of the population (more than 10 million people).

With such a large population of Thais that are also Chinese, it makes for rather large Chinese New Year celebrations in the land of smiles.  This year the New Year falls on January 25th.  The date varies annually based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

While it is not an official holiday in Thailand, you will no doubt see countless red decorations strewn about in celebration of the holiday.  This will be a time for Chinese and Thai Chinese families to spend with their loved ones and to pay respect to their ancestors.

Every year Thailand sees thousands of visitors coming to take part in the festivities that surround the Chinese New Year celebration.  This year officials expect that the turn-out will far exceed the previous years, as Pattaya and Thailand are becoming a hub of Chinese tourism.  If you are planning a trip for around that time, be prepared for throngs of people who are here to celebrate the holiday and to give and receive good fortune and luck to everyone for the next year.

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