Happy Armistice Day / Veteran’s Day / Remembrance Day

Countries around the world today are celebrating Armistice day in their own ways.  Today marks the 101st year since the allied forces signed an armistice with Germany, thus bringing World War I to an end.  Armistice Day is also known as Remembrance Day, not to be confused with Remembrance Sunday, which is a day to commemorate everyone who has been lost throughout all combined wars.

Americans used to celebrate Armistice Day much the same way as everyone else.  In 1954 however, Armistice Day in America was changed to Veteran’s Day.  Veteran’s day is a day to show respect for all members who have served in the armed forces whether living or deceased.

No matter where you are, or how you are celebrating today, or what your country decides to call it, we all agree that what took place on that 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month way back in 1918 was a moment of celebration for the world.

Whether it is a BBQ for Veteran’s Day with old military mates and remembering the ones who didn’t make it back home or a beautiful remembrance ceremony for Armistice Day, we say thanks to all of our active-duty military, military veterans and allies for their support and sacrifices and hope your day is a memorable one!

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