If you have a good imagination and a camera, Pattaya’s Art in Paradise 3D art exhibit may be right up your alley.  You will need to lug your camera along to this venue.  There are plenty of photo opportunities to make your social media fans back home jealous located within.

Art in Paradise is Thailand’s first 3D art museum and also proclaims to be the largest in the world.  Almost all of the paintings inside of the museum are interactive in some way, shape or form.  Whether it be standing alongside a painting to make for a funny photo opportunity or just snapping photos of the pieces, you are sure to walk away with a camera full of golden photo memories.

Visitors can interact with a large portion of the art pieces

Stepping into the exhibit whisks you away to many other worlds and scenes over about a 2-hour visit.  It is a great place for kids and families to make some forever memories that will be talked about for quite some time.

Step off the busy streets of Pattaya and mingle with the beasts of the ocean

Art in Paradise was founded by Chin Jae Yeol and 11 partners.  The group invested over 50 million baht to create a museum where art lovers could come and not only view the artwork, but to become part of it as well.

Ever dreamed of wandering the Savannah with the giraffes?

According to the Art in Paradise website, the 12 owners are also the creators and painters of the experiences that you find inside.  Wondered what it would be like to visit the African Savannah or fly a magic carpet over the scalding sands of Egypt?  You can find out at Art in Paradise.

How about exploring the long lost world of Atlantis?

Art in Paradise will bring out the kid in you and have you posing for some rather hilarious photos.  Need to take a trip back to your younger and more imaginative days?  Then you need to make at least one trip to this exhibit.  Even if art doesn’t happen to be your thing, you will find something here to smile about.

Not a fan of the next nominations for TIME person of the year? Step up and claim your spot!

The Art in Paradise art museum is located on Pattaya 2nd Rd. soi 1.  Their hours of operation are from 9 am to 9 pm daily.  Tickets are 400 baht.  Children 2 and under are admitted FREE.  For more information check out their website HERE

The fantastic beasts of Art in Paradise anxiously await your arrival.


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