Seems like every morning we wake up now to a new handful of people getting arrested for breaking Thailand’s curfew and violating the social distancing orders that the government has implemented.

If you remember, just last week we weren’t even able to buy alcohol.  Everyone complained about the rule over social media but what better way to put an end to random house parties than to cut off the alcohol supply?

The Thai government decided to be lenient and give us back our alcohol buying privileges, only to turn around and have to deal with the house parties and illegal gatherings again.  Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the governing officials for a second.  Personally, I’d be a little perturbed at the fact that I just brought back alcohol and the people already start acting crazy.  I may even be tempted to shut it down again to prevent future problems.

One of the many things I took away from the Marine Corps is the notion that one person, or a small group of people, is all it takes to screw up the good things for everyone else. Whether it was the smoking pit getting secured for EVERYONE because a few people decided to be pigs and throw their cigarette butts around, or everyone paying the price when someone didn’t admit to doing something wrong. When you are young and dumb it pisses you off.  As I get older however, I see that it isn’t just in the military where this is the case and it’s not always necessarily a bad thing.

I dunno about the rest of you but I am growing weary of the quarantine life (yes, I know we aren’t really quarantined).  It seems that if we would all just buckle down for a little bit longer, we could be out of this thing and onto re-building our lives, businesses and economies.  As a Marine I love to drink but re-opening is FAR more important than alcohol and getting laid at the moment to me.

We should all be doing our part to help this situation slide by as smoothly as possible.  I’m not telling you to go out and snitch on your neighbors, I’m saying we all need to take responsibility for OURSELVES.  We aren’t actually in control of anything else anyway.  It is almost a guarantee that if people continue throwing 44 person birthday parties, like the one last night, you are probably going to see things tighten up again around here.  A few can ruin things for many.

Let’s all continue being responsible and hope those around us will as well.  The more people being ridiculous, the longer this thing lasts.  I’m all for people having their freedom but if I’m unable to even go to the gym or swimming at the beach, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be okay with other people throwing parties.  Just my thoughts.

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