By: Adam Judd

This afternoon I finally stopped in the Buma Cafe which is located in Jomtien near the police box and the road to Pattaya Park on Thrappraya Road. I live nearby and often walk near the area and had always been curious about it, especially because I heard they have live owls. It’s important to note that is not an advertorial and we are not associated with the cafe in any way.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The cafe has several owls of different ages and types that are obviously very well taken care of and very well groomed. They are in a special room behind a do not enter chain but easy to watch. I sat on a sofa near the owl room and enjoyed watching them for my meal and coffee. There is even an absolutely adorable baby owl in his own little house.

A perfect and delicious cold mocha at Buma Cafe in Pattaya.

The cafe has a surprisingly large menu with a variety of Thai, Foreign and other dishes. It also has a large dessert and coffee menu. I had a cold mocha coffee for 90 baht and a Chicken salad for around 150. My total bill was below 300 baht. The chicken was delicious and was freshly cooked as was the salad.

The delicious salad I had.

The cafe, besides the owls (Buma means owl in Arabic) plays relaxing chillout lounge style music at a reasonable volume and has many types of seating, with comfortable sofas around the cafe.

I was served by a Thai man who spoke excellent English and was obviously well trained, specifically telling me he would give me time to review the menu, checking in on me like a Western restaurant and even apologizing for my change that took a few minutes to come.

I was there for about an hour and in the time I was there I saw one Russian family having a full dinner, the kids enthralled by the owls, and two men having coffee in the outside seating area. They have an excellent patio with bean bag style and regular chairs for those who want something outside.

Author Adam Judd and some of the owls at the Buma Cafe in Jomtien.

I was very pleased with my experience and with the decor, which unsurprisingly is full of owl lanterns, owl sculptures and paintings.

One of the beautiful real owls at the Buma Cafe in Jomtien.

I don’t often see many customers there, so I wanted to take the time to encourage others to check it out and give them some love. The owls alone are worth the price of admission. They are very quiet and you barely know they are there.

This one took a lot of interest in the author!

They have a Facebook also that can be found here.

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