The following is a user submission from Cam Pattaya, the owner of VIP Nightclub on Soi 13/2.

It is a very detailed and in-depth view of the Thai baht and the overall exchange rate.

Here is some initial information:

About the Author, Cam holds a bachelor’s degree in history and has 3 years of intensive research experience in finance, real estate, inter-cultural competencies, and Thai culture. It is his hope that this document will educate global citizens that are interested in investing in Thailand. 

Executive Summary This document will outline a brief history of the Thai Baht exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar and will briefly address the current financial climate in Thailand. Data collection has focused on 3 main areas of research: social media, personal interviews, and my experience from owning a nightclub in Pattaya. The results of my research have culminated in this report. This document is written from an international education point of view. Due to the extreme debate and complexity of this topic, this report will serve as an overview, not an answer, to the trends of the Thai Baht exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar and how changing rates have impacted business owners, tourists, and expats. This research is to encourage discussion and review data, not to insult anyone’s integrity, honesty, or intelligence. 

Read the report here:


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