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Blogs from Bryan Flowers, Nightwish Group Co-Owner, Writer and Business professional in Pattaya, Thailand.

Defamation Visa 50,000 baht for two years.

Written By Bryan Flowers This is a bit of fun, I do not recommend it. Last night I was at an entrepreneurs meeting and one of the guys asked across the table about visa solutions. I...

A Sophisticated Scammer in Pattaya

Written By Bryan Flowers - Night Wish Group | The Pattaya News | Pattaya Addicts | Pattaya Unplugged It's no surprise that there are scammers here, I wrote "does Pattaya breed scammers?" a while back...
Save Pattaya

Two things I love about Thais compared to Westerners

Written By Bryan Flowers Before anyone says that title is racist, I believe humans are equally good and bad across all nationalities. We are all screwed, just in different ways. I think 90% of us...

Night Wish Group handed out 17500 -19,000 meals in 18 days

Written By Bryan Flowers When we (Night Wish Group) were shut down for the covid-19 issues we slowly have seen problems around town and we wanted to give out food just as others started it,...