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Blogs from Bryan Flowers, Nightwish Group Co-Owner, Writer and Business professional in Pattaya, Thailand.

NWG has sold ALL but 5 bars..

Written By Bryan Flowers - Night Wish Group / The Pattaya News Sorry about the clickbait title, but people love some news/gossip/scandal/failure lol. There is a new rumour going about that I personally have sold...
bars on 130 in Phnom Penh

Night Wish Group Buying Bars in Phnom Penh

Written By Bryan Flowers(Bryan Flowers is Founder and CEO of NWG, The Pattaya News, Pattaya addicts Forum)Over a year ago a Cambodian guy who owned a group of bars/restaurant/hotel came to visit me,  he...

13 Tips To Run Your Bar Down To Barely Any Profits

Reader Submission Attack neighbouring business owners on social media or in-person to your customers Moan about Pattaya in general and let all that negativity out online and with customers Don't post any pictures of...

Business in Pattaya Is Getting Tougher by the day

Written By Bryan Flowers - Night Wish Group / The Pattaya News / TPN National News Recently I wrote about how I loved that Thais generally don't slag off and attack each other about how...