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LOST Homestay – Land Of Smiles Thailand Resort

Written By Bryan Flowers I have recently stayed at LOST homestay resort which is owned and hosted by the YouTuber "Land Of Smiles Thailand"  (Simon). LOST homestay is a great place to get away from Pattaya,...

Is Pattaya a Good Option for an Indian Wedding?

One of our readers submitted the question "Is it hard to find places that offer traditional Indian style weddings in Pattaya?"  So we did some digging and there are actually more than a few...

Mao Mao Cat Hotel Pattaya

Cat lovers know that when you have fur friends it can become incredibly difficult to be away from them for more than a day or two.  Like kids, they require attention and food and...

Greater Pattaya hotel conference coming on September 5th, 2019 at the Holiday Inn

Register Here Join the AMCHAM Thailand partnered event with STR Global Singapore for a knowledge and information session on the hotel and hotel residences markets and outlook in greater Pattaya including the EEC for its...