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This is the ultimate home for everything that is unplugged in Pattaya, Thailand-Raw, real, uncensored and in the moment media that gives visitors everything they need to know about Pattaya.

Funny: A Bar prayer

Spotted in a bar in Thailand.

Obtaining a VISA to China

By: Kim Waddoup Obtaining a Visa for China Visas have long been an annoying inconvenience for travellers since biblical times and it is thought that the Passport was first introduced by Louis XIV 1643-1715 when he...

Kev in Thailand hospital and cancer update

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9JWB5WUyH8 We wanted to make sure we specifically posted this update. It's about two weeks old and our best wishes are with him.

The different types of tourists in Pattaya…which one are you?

The Different types of Tourists in Pattaya A Blog by Adam "AJ"...

Calculating Thailand 2019: A Strict Economic Intelligence Report Concerning the Thai Baht Exchange Rate

The following is a user submission from Cam Pattaya, the owner of VIP Nightclub on Soi 13/2. It is a very detailed and in-depth view of the Thai baht and the overall exchange rate. Here is...

Halloween Special – The Legend of Phi Krasue

The next ghost in our Thailand ghost series is the notoriously feared Phi (Ghost) Krasue. The stories and lore that surround this particular ghost are not confined to Thailand however. Though she...

Another Reason Many Pattaya Businesses implode

One of the biggest reasons that Pattaya Businesses fail/implode is because of partnerships. Most partnerships fail in Pattaya, that's not a researched fact, but just an observation and that doesn't mean that a business needs...

Central Marina opens the Party House in Pattaya, a new mix of live music,...

Pattaya- On the evening of December 20, 2019, the General Manager of Central Marina mall in Pattaya, Mr. Kwanchai Boon-ari, officially opened the new Party House concept at Central Marina. The grand opening was attended by...

Cosplay Grand prix 2019 at Central Festival

    About a week ago in Pattaya, the Cosplay Grand Prix took place at the Central Festival Shopping Mall on Beach Road in Pattaya. This event, which gave several participants 5000 baht prizes for their costumes...