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City History

The history of Pattaya, Thailand including rich background stories and tales from it’s residents and businesses.

The story of the Batman Disco on Soi Batman in Pattaya with pictures

By: Adam Judd, all photos by Adam Judd, Refreshed and Updated for 2023 Have you heard of the Batman Disco? It has fascinated tourists and Pattaya residents for decades....a massive and imposing fortress...

A Brief History of Koh Larn in Pattaya

  The history of Koh Larn in Pattaya dates back to the Ayutthaya period in Thailand when the island was used by fishermen and sailors as a stopover point on their journeys between Siam...

Could Thailand’s Focus On Illegal Structures Spell Problems For Walking Street Yet Again?

An Age-Old Argument Everyone has seen the newscasts of Pattaya police going around and “cleaning up” the public areas in town by removing anything that they consider to be “encroaching” on the areas.  It also...

Halloween Series – Nang Tani, The Banana Tree Ghost

The next Thai ghost in our Halloween series is the spirit of Nang Tani. Phi (ghost) Tani, also known as “The Banana Tree Fairy” is believed to haunt wild groves of banana trees....

Halloween Special – The Tale of Mae Nak

Halloween will be upon us soon and those of you reading this are probably either in Thailand, or have some connection to Thailand. What you may not have realized is that Thailand is...

The story of the failed ASEAN Summit in 2009 in Pattaya (With Video)

By: Staff Article, with research material from The Guardian and Al Jazeera. As the 34th ASEAN summit approaches this weekend in Bangkok, we thought we would give a look back at the events that happened...

The story behind the Jomtien Hotel Fire in 1997 that killed over 90, with...

The Royal Jomtien Resort Hotel Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUyWR9XjakE The Royal Jomtien Resort Hotel was a 450-room luxury hotel situated in a 17-story high-rise building on the northern end of Jomtien Beach, 110 kilometres (68 mi)...

The story behind the Abandoned Waterfront Condo-Part One

Pattaya- Many local residents and tourists have noticed the hulking 53 story condominum that stands incomplete and abandoned at the entrance to the Bali Hai pier. Questions are often asked about the story behind this condo...