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Very few things have taught me more than the radio has throughout my life.  Whether it was listening to ancient recordings of The Shadow while sitting with my grandfather and using my imagination to today where there is always some type of radio or music background noise when I am working.

When I moved to Pattaya, I lost touch with the radio completely and wasted many hours of every day watching YouTube videos due to the language barrier here with Thai music (which I happen to love, I just didn’t understand at all at the time.)

Last week I was having coffee with a mate and he told me I should check out Fabulous 103FM if I was into radio waves.  I was a little worried because there are so many amateur style media companies here that drive me absolutely nuts, but I decided to check it out anyway and give it some thoughtful consideration.

Remember when you used to set certain radio stations to certain buttons in your car?  Back in the days before satellite radio and MP3s, you used to find a favourite radio station and leave it on that station until someone unworthy got in the car and messed with the dials.  Fabulous 103 is one of those channels that you would have pre-programmed for sure.

Tuning in over the last week has been an information feed of everything from segments with BBC content, to talk shows, news and awesome tunes.  Not actively driving around in the car or near a radio?  If you visit www.alwayspattaya.com they also broadcast a live feed through their website homepage.

The website offers schedules for their broadcasts so you can choose what times to listen that day, events being hosted in the area, a daily discounts section for all of the specials you will find around town for the day and even a section for the kids to have a little computer clicking fun with their “Kid’s Quiz”.  There are plenty of things to keep you entertained and to keep you stimulated both aurally and visually.

Fabulous 103, also known as FAB is the brainchild of Tommy Dee, an all-around decent human being and young soul trapped in the body of a 50 (something) year old he states on his website intro.

If you haven’t tuned into the broadcast or been on their website and are in need of some genuinely decent radio to pass the time, what are you waiting for?  Tune in or open their website and check them out!


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