By: Adam Judd

I often see people posting on social media about where they can find great delivery and great food at all hours of the day in the Pattaya area. There are many western style delivery services here and of course the fast food chains, especially McDonald’s, offer delivery around the clock.

But….what about Thai food? What if you crave street cart food but don’t want to go out? What if it is 5am and you don’t want McDonald’s?

Recently, companies like Grab have made significant progress in delivery of inexpensive Thai food. However, there is another option that most foreigners don’t seem to know about.

Thailand has some of the highest engagement and usage rates of Facebook in the world. Many Thais have made successful businesses marketing only through Facebook, especially live videos. Food cart vendors are doing the same and for those in the know it’s easy to get delicious Thai food to your hotel room or home at the same low food cart price. Delivery is almost always free.

The largest Facebook group for this in our local area is

Of course it’s in Thai language but a simple post saying you are hungry will get you dozens, if not hundreds, of replies and offers at any time of the day rain or shine. Most can write basic English or you can use Google translate. Nearly all provide pictures of their food.

Some of the more digital savvy ones even have live videos from their food carts and stands and can cook your food on video!

So, next time your home at 5am and hungry keep this option in mind.