If you have ever woken up and been unable to move, some people will tell you that you have suffered from a bout of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is one of those things that nobody can really explain the reason for. The only thing known is that it happens before or after sleep and the only thing you can do is wait it out.

In Thailand however, many believe that sleep paralysis has a much more haunting explanation. The next ghost in our Halloween series is Phi Am.

Phi Am sits on your chest while you are asleep. Thai people also blame the ghost for nightmares and troubled and uncomfortable sleep. Many even believe that the spirit can kill you in your sleep.

It may sound ridiculous to people who have never experienced it but not being able to move and feeling like someone is sitting on your chest are reported in many sleep paralysis cases not only in Thailand but around the world.

In the western world, it is known as a sleep paralysis demon. With so many reports and stories from people that have experienced it and nobody that can really explain why people suffer from it, how do we know for sure that it’s not Phi Am that visits these poor souls while they sleep?

Sweet Dreams.

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