It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since the opening of Terminal 21 in Pattaya. While there are a few shops here and there that have closed (to be expected as some shops were only testing the waters), new tenants have been quick to fill the voids and many of the restaurants are full towards the evening food rush.

If you have not been to Pattaya’s Terminal 21 yet, you are missing out. Whether you are there to do some shopping or simply to just wander around aimlessly and having a look, there is something to do for everyone. The shopping complex consists of 5-floors of shops and restaurants that are decorated to match a specific country’s location theme.

Visitors will find giant models of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39’s sea lions, Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, France’s Eiffel Tower and you can even find the Terminal 21 Express (modeled after the Hogwart’s Express from Harry Potter. There are at least a hundred different photo opportunities with British double-decker buses and statues on every level to keep the professional “selfie-ist” busy for hours without ever even walking into a shop.

Terminal 21 has not only become one of the major shopping hubs in Pattaya, but it also serves as one of the main event hubs in the city. From monthly concerts staged outside near the full-sized airplane model to events for the kids and even trendy runway shows featuring the newest shop apparel that is offered, the events are usually a huge success

The restaurants almost all are on the Grab Food application and there are occasionally more Grab Food drivers hanging about than there are motorcycle taxis. The next time you are in the mood for a good fill, check out some of the restaurants that are available for delivery to your house.

Last but certainly not least, a comment needs to be made about the restrooms. It is rumored that Terminal 21 spent approximately 100k baht per toilet. These toilets are seats of the future in that you can change the water temperature, you can change the spray to be soft or hard, you can select whether you’d like to be sprayed in the front or the rear, you can blow dry your behind and you can do it all at the touch of a button. Oh, and for those of you that hate sitting on a cold toilet seat, you can also warm it up as well! The entire bathroom area is spotless and clean as there are teams of staff whose sole purpose in life is to ensure that they remain that way.

Everyone is bound to have their own opinions about the shopping experience at Terminal 21, but so far it’s been a good first year of having them around. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Terminal 21 Pattaya, may there be many more years of success in your future!

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