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Walking around Pattaya you constantly find yourself surrounded by advertisements for activities here.

These activities range in prices from “couch cushion” to “let me get my phone and do a transfer” money. Many of the activities are ones that tourists see even before coming on their holidays and they add it to their Pattaya bucket list a.k.a itinerary with the mistaken hope that they will even cross off their lists upon their visit. If you had any idea how long zip-lining through the rain forest canopy and the Tiger Zoo have been on the man with two thumb’s list you would understand what I’m talking about.

What many people fail to realize is that there are many activities that you can do without spending any money whatsoever. Below are a few of my favorite “free things to do in Pattaya”:

FREE Fitness Pratumnak Hill

I am not a fitness buff by any stretch of the imagination. Unless there is a tiger behind me, I’m not running anywhere. However, I am a very good walker and I do enjoy a good nature trail every now and then.

Pratumnak Hill is the equivalent to the poor man’s Gold’s Gym membership. You can find everything from hiking and running trails with pretty epic scenery and views to a free outdoor gym that uses body weight and resistance. On some days you can even find and jump in on a Zumba class if that is what you are into. Personally, I don’t dance in the club, so you won’t find me dancing on the hill.

FREE Fishing

I can see the draw of fishing parks. Who doesn’t want to go fishing and be guaranteed to catch something?

That being said however, many anglers don’t realize that they can go fishing pretty much anywhere in Pattaya where fishing is allowed and that they don’t need any kind of license to do it at the moment. If sitting around a puddle with a bunch of friends drinking beer is your idea of a good day fishing though, there are plenty of convenience stores in town to help with the beer for sure.

Pick your puddle and cast a line. Some of my favorite places to go fishing are Cozy Beach, off the backside of Bali Hai pier near the lighthouse and up in Naklua off the shore. For the angler who knows his stuff, you can catch a whole host of deliciousness and have fun at the same time.

FREE Temples

Thailand is a land rich in culture and beliefs and they have some of the most beautiful temples in the world.

Pattaya is no different when it comes to beautiful temples that you can visit. It costs nothing but the taxi fare (unless you are a good walker like me) to visit Pattaya’s Big Buddha temple on Pratumak or any of the other temples in the city. Every temple that you visit is a different experience with plenty of selfie opportunities for you to share with your friends back home. Near the Big Buddha there is also a gorgeous Chinese Buddhist temple and garden as well that is well worth a stroll.

FREE Photo Opportunities

Pattaya’s newest shopping mall Terminal 21 makes you feel like you are in Dubai as opposed to Pattaya.

Nothing says that you have to spend any money walking around the mall and this particular mall is well worth the calories. The shopping outlet is set up like an airport terminal with each of the entrances and exits named as though they were gates.

Inside you can find replicas of the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco, California as well as the Eiffel Tower from France and the Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as several other well known worldly attractions. Side note, the restrooms and toilets in Terminal 21 are top notch. You can even adjust the water temperature!

FREE Scenic Views

How about a visit to the Pattaya city sign where you can find the most iconic full city view of Pattaya? It’s just a short way from the Big Buddha on Pratumnak hill. This is one of my favorite places to view the city from.

The only downside to the city sign visit is the stairs that some people are unable to climb. If you have no problem getting up and down however, it is well worth a visit, even if it is just for Instagram cred.

As I said, these are just a few of the fun “free” things to do in Pattaya. You can indeed make your memories without paying for them. If anyone else has any suggestions or would like to share the no-cost fun options that they enjoy it could turn into a useful tool for individuals who are looking for ways to save and/or just new ideas to spice up their lives here.

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