How to renew your motorbike tax in Pattaya

By: Kim Waddoup

How to renew the Tax on your motorbike

If you own a Motorbike in Thailand, you are required to renew the Registration or ‘Tax Sticker’ every year. The Tax Sticker indicates the expiry date (in Thai) and the year using the Thai Buddhist Era reckoning which is 543 years ahead of the Common Era or Anno Domini, so 2019 + 543 corresponds to 2562 in the Thai B.E.

Re-taxing your bike is actually quite simple. If it is under 5 years old you can travel all the way to your Land Transport office or, and much simpler, you can just proceed to one of the many certified test centers. For a bike under 5 years old the cost is just THB.528 including the Tax, Insurance and their fee. Just present your Green Book and the payment.

You will be issued a receipt and two days later you can collect your new Tax Sticker and the rest of the paperwork. Some chores can be relatively easy in Thailand!

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