I will start this by saying that I am Indian. I know this means that some of you will not read any further than the first sentence, but hopefully, some will read until the end. I also know that there will be others that are thinking, “wow, for an Indian he has great grammar skills”. I said I was Indian, not uneducated.

I am not ashamed to be Indian at all. Why would I be? I come from a very proud country where over a billion people from different religions and races and backgrounds all live together in harmony. I come from the largest and most diverse democracies in the world. We have the Taj Mahal and many other tourist attractions that draw in people from around the world who we welcome and share our culture with.

Did you know that India has more than a hundred different spoken languages? Imagine how confusing that makes it to stay peaceful with everyone that you come in contact with, but we make it happen.

I come from a country of innovation and invention. Have you ever played the game chess? Guess what, it was invented in India! Maybe you have heard of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus (even if you maybe hate them) they originated where else? India.

I come from a country where we are able to think and interact and adapt and overcome situations. We know right from wrong and are able to hold others accountable for their actions. Do not think that just because when you speak to us we bobble our head that we are not paying attention or listening. It’s actually the opposite, that little head wobble means “I understand what you are saying.”

Sure, we are different and some of us are cheap Charlies, but what other country doesn’t have cheap Charlies and penny pinchers? All do. It’s just a known fact. I am not sure where all of the animosity towards Indians coming to Pattaya comes from. We come here, we are peaceful, we want and desire the same things as the rest of you and much like your countries, we have people that are rich and can pay for things.

We are not so different than you and I. I may walk in the street more than any other ethnicity in the world but unless you have seen the streets in India you would not understand. In many cities in India the side of the road that you would normally call the “sidewalk” is typically full of trash, rats and on occasion sleeping homeless people and cows. It is not a generally safe spot to walk and we prefer to take our chances with the honking cars.

I will confirm the suspicions, Indians are looking greatly at Pattaya as a main vacation destination. It is fairly close so airfare is not that expensive for us and it is not that difficult to get a holiday visa to have a little fun. We are human like the rest of you. Just because some of our idiots have come to Pattaya in the past and made us look bad by doing stupid things like sharing a beer between 3-people in a bar or trying to get a 2 for 1 discount on services offered is no reason to hate the Indian majority.

I do not believe in looking down on any others unless they have done something personally to affront me. If you are ever in the bar and a well-spoken scraggly Indian lad comes up and tries to be polite and friendly, it’s probably just me. Don’t worry, I’m here just like the rest of you, to have a good time and spend the hard-earned money that I have saved up for the occasion.

There is so much that Indians will bring to Thailand from new flavours to thrill the taste buds to our extremely colourful and fun festivals and our epic wedding parties. I have personally been telling everyone I know that Pattaya is the place to be. I know that all of us can get along without all of the dissents and quite mutters about how much you hate us.

Pattaya is the city of dreams. Not just the dreams of those in the UK or America or Australia and Canada though. Dreams for people from all over the world, to include my proud Indian brothers and sisters.


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