Interview with Jayanth Dev

Unplugged: Go ahead and introduce yourself to our readers first.

JD: My name is Jayanth Dev and I am from Bangalore, South India.

I am a digital marketer by profession, a blogger, vlogger and writer. My favourite hobby is playing the saxophone, flute and I love to create music on my mixer. I am a fan of fun in the sun and a lover of good food and drink.

Unplugged:  How are things in India?  What is the current situation?

JD:  India is currently lockdown. So basically I feel like a prisoner. The Indian government is taking no risks, therefore, COVID-19 has not had an opportunity to spread as much as some other countries. 

Unplugged:  We see many countries that are currently under mandatory curfew, India any different?

JD:  Yes, as I said before the Prime Minister of India has announced 21-day lockdown and you will be arrested if you go outside for no reason. The businesses have crashed, finance has crashed and India has less than 500 COVID-19 cases. 

Unplugged:  India looks like a wonderful place to visit.  Do you think that it will return to the way things were before?

JD:  India is already one of the top travel destinations in the world with 1.24 per cent of the world’s international tourist arrivals and 5 per cent of Asia & Pacific’s international tourist arrivals ranking at 22nd position. It may take some time but things will eventually return to the way they were.

Unplugged:  Can you explain a little more about India for our readers that may not know about your country?

JD:  India is a huge country with 1.3 billion people (the 2nd most populous country in the world) and 7th largest area wise. To explain regional differences is very difficult therefore I will try to keep it short and understandable. India can be divided into three parts based on race and culture, they are, North India (Aryan Race) –  North Indian influences are more related to Middle Eastern and Arab culture (They are originally not from India but they ended up settling there). The language they usually speak in Hindi. 

South India (Dravidian Race) – We are the original Indians, not settlers from elsewhere. Dravidian culture is very traditional and even our language is much different from the north. Fun Fact – A small amount of Dravidian culture and genes are carried by Thai, Malaysians, Indonesians and Sri Lakans.

North-East India (Asian Race) – The culture is similar to China, Tibet and other Buddhist countries. 

Unplugged:  We have seen a massive increase in Indians over the last couple of years, why do you suppose that is?

JD:  This is actually a very difficult question.  Obviously, Indian males are just like males everywhere else and love their adult entertainment.  The problem with living in India is that we have no adult entertainment at all.  That alone definitely gives Pattaya and Thailand a certain draw to all males, Indians included.

Unplugged:  Do you ever hear anything about Thailand on your country’s news stations?

JD:  No! There is absolutely no mention of Pattaya in any Indian news.

Unplugged:  Will you come back to visit Pattaya again when the current situation passes?

JD:  Yes!  I am actually very excited and waiting for it to all be over so that I can return.

Unplugged:  What do you typically do the first night you are back in Pattaya?

JD: On the first night that I am in town, it is always my tradition to get as drunk as I can at any of the Agogo bars that happen to look worth a visit.  I typically drink on the first night until I actually fall down.

Now that everyone knows who you are, let’s get down to the important information that really matters…

Unplugged:  Vodka Red Bull or Sangom Coke?

JD:  SangSom Coke

Unplugged:  Thai food or Indian food?

JD:  Thai food (For sure)

Unplugged:  Pattaya or Bangkok?

JD: Pattaya

Unplugged:  Boobs or Butts?

JD:  Boobs

Unplugged:  Gogo on Soi LK or Walking Street?

JD:  Walking Street but only because I have yet to experience any of LK Metro’s agogo bars.

Unplugged:  Jayanth, I really appreciate you taking the time to interview with us.  Can you please share the information for your personal site where people can see some of your work?

JD:  Everyone can find my page on Facebook at The Foodie Travels


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