If you happen to be on Jomtien’s beach road today, you will more than likely spot the newest landmark.  A giant leatherback sea turtle mother and baby made completely out of plastic bottles will be hosted from now until June 18th of next year.

The exhibit began today with a small live concert by Petite Yada Gomez, a singer from the popular television series “The Voice” Thailand.  Beach road was quite the bustle today with most of the parking was taken up by visitors to see the exhibit unveiling.

The plastic bottle turtle sculptures are being hosted in an effort to raise awareness and reduce plastic waste.  There were several informational booths set up to teach the general public about crafty ways to reutilize their plastic and bottles.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the turtles today, there is still plenty of time.  Make your way down to Jomtien beach, you can’t miss them.

Recently Thailand seems to have a focus on reducing their plastic waste.  The effort could see supermarkets and convenience stores go bagless in the next few years.  It is a long road, but at least Thailand seems headed in the right direction!




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