M.C. Burger

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M.C.BurgerThailand/

Website: https://mcburgerthailand.com/

Phone: 065 031 2856

Hours: 12 to 12 daily

Extras: In Endless lounge which has a full bar

Delivery: YES, all day, phone, website or Facebook messenger. Free to many bars in the city.

Location/Map: In Endless Lounge off of Soi Buakhao


Our Take:

The following is taken directly from the owner, Chris’s, About us on Facebook:

At M.C. Burger, we do things a little bit differently from other burger shops in Pattaya. Our American fast food style burgers are known as smash burgers. They are called smash burgers because we start with 2 80g balls of beef. We place them on the grill and smash them flat like pancakes. This sears the bottom sides locking all of the tasty juices and flavor from the meat into the burger. While the bottom is cooking, we add our herbs and spices. After a minute or so, we flip it over and sear the other side locking in all of the delicious flavors of the meat.

This style of burger can be found in restaurants far and wide all across America. I couldn’t find any burger shops in Pattaya that lived up to my expectations of the way they were back home so I had to open my own shop. We source all of our bread and meat fresh daily from our suppliers to make the best American style burgers in Pattaya.

M.C. burger exists to bring you an authentic American taste that is fast, fresh, and delicious!

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