Tomorrow, February 8th, 2020 is Makha Bucha day in Thailand, one of the holiest days of the year.

It brings with it an alcohol booze sales ban for twenty four hours and is one of only a few days a year when the city goes quiet and the bars, Nightclubs, live music establishments, etc close and the city takes a peaceful day of rest.

For tourists, this is a major deal and for those who were not expecting the ban even a single day of closures can have a huge impact. Most are given the advice to stock up in advance. In prior years hotels and restaurants had exceptions but that is no longer the case and alcohol is no longer served anywhere legally.

It’s worth noting that massage shops, soapies, malls, water parks and most tourist attractions are all open this day and it’s a great day to adventure out and see some other places.

Restaurants and sports bars are open if there is a game you wish to see, however, no booze will be sold.

It is not against the law to consume alcohol on this day so you will see some tourists and even locals doing so on the beaches and pools, etc. Highly religious Thai people find this offensive however so Pattaya Unplugged asks that you be respectful and discreet if you choose to do this.

For Thais who are Buddhist, the day brings visits to the local temple, giving alms to monks, performing merit based rituals, having time to reflect on the Buddha and his teachings and to visit the temple in the evening for a ritual in which worshippers walk around the temple with candles. This is a spectacular event to watch and several of the local temples, including Wat Chai, hold huge markets with many unique vendors and cheap goods as well as religious activities.

We wish a safe and happy Makha Bucha day for all. We note that as the event falls on the weekend the government holiday for the event is this Monday, the tenth, in which immigration and government offices are closed but sales of alcohol is allowed.

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