Night Wish Group were shut down for the covid-19 issues we slowly have seen problems around town and we wanted to give out food just as others started it, but we decided we would wait later on near the end for when it is really needed but it turned out it wasn’t the end of the closure because as of writing today, we are still closed and so our the shopping malls!

On the 18th of April 2020 normally Songkran time we spoke to our team and I was amazed at so many of our girls, cashiers, managers and a few customers stepping up to prepare and serve the food.  Many of them were at Nature Bar soi 6 from 8 am until 3 pm.

The first day we planned on 300 meals but we wanted to do more and it ended up being around 500 meals. The first day we did it,  Dany Gombert the builder, a close friend of mine and landlord to many Sam Khanijou asked to pay for extra days which was estimated at 15,000 baht per day, (1000 meals per day) we also had another donation from ruby bar and countless other guys that were friends and customers of different managers.

With all these people dropping off money to Nature bar the next day we stepped it up to 1000 meals per day which included a bottle of water, fruit (extra) and other stuff, so our costs increased to approximately 17,000+ per day but we also had 420 kg of rice delivered from Fabulous 103 FM.

The donations continued, so we kept it going until the 5th of May 2020 which was 18 days and 17500-19,000 meals. (if anyone else wants to donate, I suggest you contact businesses directly or Fabulous 103fm)

None of this could have been possible without the people listed below (sorry if I missed some, I am checking from tags on facebook) All of these people worked with no expectations of any reward or income. Lots of managers turned up and some of us did stuff behind the scenes but we didn’t put anywhere near as many hours as these guys did. If I missed your name, please message me.

Thank you to Baker from Toy Box for raising the most money through friends and customers via instagram.

Davin Dave (he also made several videos)
Napas Lek San
Dave Hancock
Nik Pattaya
รักพี่ คนเดียว
Ton Tan Pewngam
Aor Waomanee Autkhaew
Rasamee Saton
Jeab Kawaii
Maruko Jaang
Wi envy Bar
Yupaporn love
Moo Lin
Moshi Moshimoro
Mee La
Nicolas Amann
Chom Chompu
Nong Nong
Praphaphan Kankiaw
Inthira Phangnat
กัน พาทัวร์
Keith Flowers (my dad who gave out milk and other treats to 70 children a day)

Some Pictures collected from Facebook (mostly from Davin Daves FB account)

Some of the pictures were taken from James Kamera Kasino, please please check his album below

Videos from NDTVi Pattaya (that included us)

English News Coverage

Thai News Coverage
Live (many of these)

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