Night Wish Group (who is well known for supporting local charities),  decided on February this year 2020 to do a fundraiser for Boon Choo Home for Special needs children. But with the closure of bars due to COVID they decided to call the owner of Boon Choo to come and collect all the money early.

The target is still 3 million baht but all charities are struggling right now and the money is much needed.

First, NWG gathered up all the boxes from storage (because the bars were closed) plus La La land bar boss brought his box in. (which had around 31,000 baht of which the owner put 30,000 in himself)

Then the boss of Boon Choo opened the boxes and counted each one.

The Total was 640,694 Baht

Night Wish Group now have empty boxes ready for when the bars are open again

Original Fundraising Video by NDTVi

The Pattaya News team were also present and covered this event in Thai and English.

Bryan Flowers covered the fundraiser in a previous article on Pattaya Unplugged

They also went to Burapa Bike Week to raise awareness

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