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Sorry about the clickbait title, but people love some news/gossip/scandal/failure lol. There is a new rumour going about that I personally have sold all the bars (24 out of 29) except 5.  I don’t need to explain myself but I like writing, so here goes

Here are the problems with that rumour

NWG is a group, if I decide I want to exit the company, I would sell my shares to one of the 6 other partners, it is not mine to legally sell.

If we were to sell 24 bars like that, there would be adverts, meetings, conversations, there would be new buyers advertising.  You cannot sell anything in this town without insiders knowing,  there are many people like me that know tons of landlords and business owners.

There is a lot of noise when well-known people or bars are making moves because it becomes gossip-worthy.

Why would we sell at the bottom of the market?

Why would we sell when I am looking at buying more bars right now?

Why would I not tell my own team?

Why would I not write about such a big move?

It is true that we are getting a financial battering,  I will not risk using company money to buy more bars, I will have to be creative. But I want to grow our company not retreat, growing our company gives us several advantages in promoting Pattaya (such as paying for this site and advertising in other places that bring fresh people here) I would go down with a huge fight if we had financial troubles.  We have no debts or loans to pay off, we are financially healthy enough to survive this mess.

We are missing this year’s annual soi 6 party

I would like to say we will come out stronger than ever but that would be arrogant for the fight we have ahead, but I am 100% sure that we will continue growing as soon as we have recovered from this mess.  We will be more grateful of our lifestyle and more determined to run our bars better.

I would never exit NWG because we are a team, we need each other and selling bars would mean sacking managers, that’s not something I would entertain.

If we couldn’t pay our rents, I would ask other investors to chip in, there are many other options before you start butchering your business and years of work.

The good news for our business right now is more girls want to work than ever, the bad news is the international flights are going to be opened slowly. Its looking likely we will open on the 15th Of June, then the real fight begins until we have all our friends and customers coming back.

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