For many of us the paradise known as Pattaya is somewhere we may have visited once, twice maybe five times in recent years.  For some, Pattaya has been an escape or holiday destination for closer to a decade and for a smaller group Pattaya has been stamped into their passports for thirty, forty and occasionally even fifty plus years!

Veteran Pattaya patron Phil Hall has spent months working on his latest novel “Pattaya 2020” which is now available and currently charting on the Amazon store.  FIND IT HERE

A summary of the book (Blurb) gives a nice insight to what will come:

“The misadventures of three fun seekers who stumble into a massive culture shock ending in unlikely romance, near death experiences and a jolly good twist at the end.”

We took the chance to catch up with Phil following the release of the book and ask him some questions regarding his time in Pattaya, the book, charity work and the future of our great city.

Unplugged:  When was your first Pattaya experience?

PH:  My first visit was way back in 1988! Three of us were a mere twenty three years old and had absolutely no idea what was waiting for us. The taxi dropped us off in Soi two outside what was the largest bar area in Pattaya at the time. We were literally dragged out of the car by about ten sexy young ladies – We knew we were in paradise!

Unplugged:  What inspired you to write the book?

PH:  Some thirty odd years later, I have now been married to a lovely Thai lady for twenty plus years and have written a couple of books over the course of that time. My first book was a kind of memoir about our time in Kalasin (A province in the north east of Thailand) I felt the need to share a mixture of those early days’ experiences in a novel format. Although fiction, plenty of the incidents are an extension of those first trips and based on one or two people I had met. It is set in present day Pattaya before this terrible Pandemic.
My first Book – Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards is also available on Amazon.











Unplugged:  Who do you recommend read your book and how is it purchased?

PH:  I think the book will appeal to readers who have been to Thailand once, twice or many times. Alongside existing ventures the book would also be a great asset for those who haven’t yet seen how amazing and beautifully twisted the city of Pattaya can be. As well as a novel there are interviews with some of the locals and some brilliant photography from my friend Paul Eddie Yates.

Unplugged:  Tell us about the charity contribution involved?

PH:  Initially the profits were going to the World Health Organization’s charity for COVID-19 but having learned a few facts, which are still under review, I am currently donating a portion of the profits to Soi Dog Angels who do a great job looking after the stray dogs in Pattaya and Rayong.

Unplugged:  What possible changes in Pattaya do you think you might write about in the future?  Will we see a Pattaya 2025 released?

Once the current lockdown and pandemic is over, I see Pattaya bouncing right back! Obviously there will be some changes and I guess new businesses will spring up as the current economic situation has taken some people out of the equation for now. Pattaya has changed in many ways since 1988 but I feel it will remain the number one destination as an Adult Playground. If there is a sequel, and I hope there will be, it will cover the current crisis as well as the regrowth. The characters that survived Pattaya 2020 may or may not be around but, if not, there’ll be new ones that are just as mad and crazy about Pattaya!

We thank Phil for spending some time with us and hope he continues to gain great traction with Pattaya 2020 and the best of luck on any future endeavors!

Where do you see Pattaya in 2025?

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