Today, June 17th, 2023, Pattaya held a special festival, including a parade, to encourage youth to stay off drugs and alcohol.

The festival was held opposite Mike Shopping Mall on Pattaya Beach and featured delicious food, music, a parade, B-boy competitions, traditional Thai culture and shows, marching bands, concerts, and many city officials and VIPs who all came together to encourage youth to stay alcohol and drug free.

A lot of focus was also on cannabis, which was decriminalized in Thailand in 2022 but remains a political hotpoint, with its future uncertain due to a new government forming and proposals to relist the plant as a narcotic drug. Organizers of the event encouraged youth not to try or use cannabis, stating it was better to live life free of anything mind altering.

Here are some photos, credit of The Pattaya News team, of the event:

Tanakorn Panyadee
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