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Sorry that the title was a bit heavy but I had to get some attention, I want to start by giving a shoutout to some people that have donated to NWG fundraising appeal in the last 48 hours for our recent startup of giving away 1000 meals per day again.  (Previously we handed out around 18,000 meals thanks to many donations)

With bar closures looking likely until June 15th we have decided to make a fundraising https://gogetfunding.com/night-wish-group-pattaya-feeding-people-that-have-no-income-around-pattaya/ appeal because many customers and friends wanted to donate from overseas. (Any excess money will be used to give food items to other giveaways and local charities.)

I appealed on my personal Facebook to get the ball rolling here

Matt Carrell donated a large sum of money to get the ball rolling. He is an author.
Ashwin Khanijou donated 1200 bottles of water
Fabulous 103fm donated 500 kg of rice
Terry Hicks donated 10,300 baht
I had a 20,000 donation sent to me from a friend that wants to be anonymous
Another friend of mine gave me 10,000 baht
Jamie Roberts and the staff at Wet Six bar Soi 6 donated 20,000 baht
Gary Boswell donated 2500 eggs

After this, I made a donation link which has raised 135,395 baht as of writing https://gogetfunding.com/night-wish-group-pattaya-feeding-people-that-have-no-income-around-pattaya/  You can follow us on our Facebook page for pictures and videos.

I wanted to give a shout out to businesses that are still working around the clock to help others while their own businesses are suffering from the shutdown. There are so many around town helping but just naming the most prominent ones that I know of.

Fabulous 103fm has raised around 900,000 baht so far and they are supplying many food giveaways, I have been down to watch them supply many people, we’ve had over 900kg of rice from them and even more stuff.  They are going around town all day and offering food items to support organisations/businesses that are not funded enough to keep hand out food. https://www.facebook.com/fabulous103/

Devonshire restaurant has been going around finding people outside Pattaya that have even worse situations than inside Pattaya where there is plenty of food giveaways. They were handing out food from outside there restaurants for a while.

Chandni Restaurant soi 16 – I have seen these guys giving away very consistently longer than most people, they are also putting any profits they make into the food giveaway.

The Cove Pub Jomtien – they have been handing out food 5pm every day,  they were also one of the first from memory.

King Sea Food – They are still giving out 1500 meals very often

Pakistan Welfare Organisation – in Pattaya Naklua opposite Zign hotel . They are giving food for 400-600 pax a day to needy persons in Pattaya . On Monday 500 pax at beach road at 6 pm . If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact them . Number is 0815233515

Jie Jie Bar Soi Chaiyaboon – The owner Tik is well known for helping people in Soi Chaiyaboon. They were handing food out around 2-3 times a week for a while.

Marcha Workel @ Mum Cafe – Soi 15 off Buakhao – They have been handing out 3 lots of meals per week, fundraising and taking food to charities. You can donate to them here on justgiving or via facebook.

Robin Hood & Sapphire @ The Avenue – “Shortly after the governments shut down everything in a response to the pandemic, like many others who stepped up, Robin Hood Tavern, Sapphire club and the globe Hotel joined together to create a food bank with the goal of passing out 300 meals a day every Monday and Wednesday to Pattaya’s unemployed locals hit by the pandemic crisis. More recently we made a video to showcase all of Pattaya’s responses to the massive hardship imposed on the unemployed during this Pandemic lockdown. The images in the video portray Pattayas Night clubs, bars, restaurants city officials and concerned individuals all joining together to get food out to those in need.”

Here is a list of more places that helped around town. They all deserve more credit but maybe someone will volunteer to write up in greater length later. If I have missed some, please contact me.

Prime Burger, Hungry Hippo and Hungry Now
Sjømannskirken Pattaya Norwegian Church
Yokki Salon
Queens A Go Go https://www.facebook.com/Thepattayanews/posts/698811300869882?__tn__=-R
Club 555 and Club Excite
Chik-N-Coop bar with help from Danny sports bar, ruby club, Jungle bar & Fabulous 103fm
Sabudym Restaurant and Sister Foundation
Kilkenny LK Metro
Family Food Soi Bongkot
Pattaya United Interact Club
Jomtien Beach Pool House
Centara Azure Hotel Pattaya
Liquid Group
Scooters soi buakhao
Sandbar By The Sea
A7-DJ Bar & NDTVi Pattaya
Nadias Kitchen
Maggie Mays
Zappa Bar and Guesthouse
Brooklyn Diner
Jamie Parkinson at ThaiDev
3 ways 3 ways
Bistro Time Out
Lewinskis Golf Bar
Smile Box
Jannarat Indian Restuarant
Chicken Khurana Restaurant
Sabudyum Restaurant
Note’s Restaurant
Hungry Panda Pattaya
Impression Pattaya Residence Resort
Jomtien complex handing out 4-5000 meals per week
Royal British Legion and Tropical Bar
Lu Yuan Hot Pot

(The list came from searching through both Help Pattaya pages below, a few other places came to mind but I couldn’t find anything online)

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