While many people may think that it is a little weird to travel alone, some prefer it that way.  If you happen to be a “One Man Wolfpack” when it comes to travelling, Pattaya should be right at the top of your list, especially if you also happen to be a single male.


There is absolute freedom when you are travelling alone in Pattaya.  You aren’t having to constantly wait for the group to decide which bar they want to visit, you decide what you want to do, when you want to do it and how long you stay at each establishment, totally up to you!

There is something truly freeing about getting shitfaced and handing your life over to the skills of a motorbike taxi.  Until you have hauled ass down Beach road with no helmet on, on the back of a motorbike taxi, with the city lights blurring all around you and beautiful girls dancing in your peripheral vision, you haven’t lived.


One great aspect of travelling by your lonesome is that you get to make every single decision during your trip.  If you feel like taking a trip to Koh Lan for the day, so be it, you have nothing and nobody holding you back.  The sky and your bank accounts are the only limits you could potentially run into.

Why sit around playing the “Where do you want to eat?” game all day long with a group of people and then still end up eating dehydrated noodles from 7-11?  Travelling solo ensures that your vacation goes exactly as YOU want it to go.  No need to sacrifice any part of your holiday for someone else if you don’t have anyone else there to appease.

Making New Friends

Lone travellers are much more approachable to strangers and potential new friends than couples or groups.  You will meet more new people if you are travelling by yourself because you will be forced to interact with new people if you want human interaction.

One note to take down is that if you are travelling to Pattaya with a female counterpart, whether she is in a relationship with you or not, many of the bar girls will not speak to you if there is a woman in your company.  They aren’t going to cause drama by shouting out to a man that already has a girlfriend, or seems to.  Travelling alone makes sure you get the full experience.

Picking Up Language Basics

It is far easier to pick up words and learn bits of a new language if you are travelling by yourself.  People that tend to travel in groups often only associate and communicate with their familiar group of people instead of conversing with the locals.

The Thai language is not extremely difficult to pick up by immersing yourself with a group of Thai friends.   There is likely nothing that the group of people you are travelling with will be able to teach you about the language or culture.

Time Belongs To YOU

When you are travelling alone, there is no better time to think.  You have nothing but time on your hands and you aren’t obligated to hold conversations with anyone else unless you feel the need to.

No waiting around and being late for events and shows because someone isn’t ready yet, nobody waiting around on you when you decide to have a slow day, literally nothing but you and whatever you decide to do with your imagination and time.

This is the perfect opportunity to reflect, relax and prepare for what lies ahead.

Confidence Booster

Travelling alone, especially to Pattaya can be a hell of a confidence booster.  From the many girls around telling you that you are a “sexy man” to just having to make all of your own decisions (whether right or wrong) is enough to make you feel like the CEO of an imaginary company or a rock star.

Lone travellers are forced into situations that could be uncomfortable or make them feel uneasy, but being alone they must learn how to overcome the issues that they face daily and they become more comfortable and confident after they have sorted out the problems.


When you are with a group of people, you are typically talking or doing things that might not necessarily let you pay attention to what is going on around you.  You are far more likely to have situational awareness when you are by yourself.  There are no distractions to pull you away from the happenings around you.

It is easy to miss the beautiful scenery and experiences that are passing you by because you are focused on something else.  When you have the ability to remain aware of all that takes place around you, you will take home many more memories from your trip.

Self-Discovery and Learning

You will learn more about yourself travelling alone than you will from just about any other experience that you could have.  By the end of your Pattaya trip, you will understand many things about yourself that you may not have seen before.

Pattaya has a way of awakening a fire in people that is hard to extinguish.  They may come here quiet and shy as a virgin, but they leave full of self-esteem and with a newfound pride of what they were able to accomplish while on holiday.

Desperately Seeking….Someone

If you are travelling to look for a potential partner or mate, clearly it is something that you will want to do alone.  While there are many people out there that will tell you that all bar girls are the same and that you cannot find love in a city like Pattaya, I have personally seen far too many people find the love of their lives to say that it can’t be done.

Finding love in Pattaya isn’t necessarily easier or harder than finding love anywhere else.  You may easily find a “love like” experience or a “girlfriend” long before you find someone that you like enough to “put a ring on it”, but I believe that if you want something bad enough, you’ll more than likely find what you are looking for.

The truth is there are tons of girls in Thailand that would love to find a real lasting relationship with a foreigner that is able to provide for them.  In some places, they are even raised to understand that Thai men are bad and farangs (foreigners) are good.  That being said, Thai women are looking for what every other woman looks for in a man.  They want a confident man who is already mature and established enough to start and raise a family and to occasionally help their family into a better situation than they are in.

These are all reasonable wants.  Everyone wants mom and dad to be taken care of, food, shelter and enough money to be able to eat on the regular.  If you happen to be settled down enough, you can definitely find love in Pattaya, but it’s hard to do when you are travelling with friends.

Travelling Alone Doesn’t Make Me Lonely

Now that you have seen some of the reasons that travelling alone is beneficial, why wouldn’t you do it?  I’m not saying you have to take a separate honeymoon from your spouse and travel alone to Pattaya, that would actually be a HORRIBLE idea relationship-wise, but the occasional trip alone does a body good!

If you are looking for true rest and respite from the bustle of normal life, to include your chaotic relationship, perhaps you should look at an alone trip to Thailand for a little self-improvement and well-deserved relaxation.

Have you done a lone trip to Pattaya?  Perhaps you are on one now?  How many people out there prefer to travel alone?  Let us know in the comments!



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