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Everyone is acting like the virus has actually changed anything.  The mentality of expats that love Thailand is not going to be changed over this little fever of a virus.  “Sex Sells”, everyone knows it and has known it since 1871 when Pearl Tobacco advertised a nude lady on their packaging.

If images of sex can sell burgers and cigarettes worldwide, there is no way that travelling to foreign places where you can get the actual thing will ever end.  The Chinese are already flying all over the place within China, as soon as the borders to Thailand open, those planes will come here and the tour buses will be back running again.

All of the people out there saying that it will take Pattaya years to bounce back to it’s former glory, are out of their minds.  Business will resume as soon as the Government says it can resume. Things will go back to normal quite expeditiously and the first part of 2020 will be in the rear-view.

If tourism in Pattaya was going to stop or slow down, it would have done so with the gradual increase in the costs of services over the years.  It doesn’t matter what it costs, we are men and we are willing to pay it.  If there is a virus, dammit, we will walk through it.

Think about how many people in Pattaya right now are on dating apps and still setting up private hookups around the city.  The virus has brought out the entrepreneur in everyone because we all need money to eat.  Things haven’t actually stopped, they have just adjusted course to a more private encounter like you would see anywhere else in the world where such encounters are considered taboo or illegal.

Once the bars open back up and the girls return to work, everything will go back to “normal” with the quickness.  How many expats live in Pattaya and are missing their favourite bar stools, beer and ladies?  The answer is LOTS.  People will be right back at their perches like nothing ever happened in no time.

The lockdown sucks for businesses and many business owners are clearly worried about the future of their investments and livelihoods.  People are hurting for money which ultimately makes them panic more.  Panic spreads faster than the Rona these days.  It is contagious and not beneficial to the situation at all.

These are my own personal opinions on the situation, I understand that there will be those people out there who disagree with me and feel like the sky is falling and that we are all doomed but hey, I woke up this morning, how about you?  The first thing many caged animals do when you let them out, is run.  The world is a caged animal at the moment and they will be running back to Pattaya and the wonderful bars and businesses here before you know it.

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Adam Judd
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