Pattaya-The Hello Kitty run is coming November 16th, 2019!

There will be four stations during the run for runners to stop along the five kilometres of the run. People who join the run will get a shirt from HELLO KITTY, HELLO KITTY BIB and a HELLO KITTY Limited Edition bag.

HELLO KITTY medals will be provided for finishers at the end.

There will be a Meet & Greet at the event with a real HELLO KITTY which according to organizers there are only three licensed actual costumed characters in the world.

The Early Bird tickets are available at for 900 baht each.(Discount from 1,050 baht) The ticket is available for 15 days from October 7-21, 2019

For more information please visit: Kitty Run Pattaya 2019

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