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So an article was put out the other day about smoking inside of places.  Fair enough to the author to speak his mind.  I have mulled it over for a few days now to compose my response in a tactful way.

Clearly people have been smoking indoors in Pattaya since Jesus wore flip flops.  They have definitely been smoking in the bars longer than I have been alive.  Personally I think that if you decide you don’t want to eat in an environment that may be a little smoky; you should go to a normal restaurant.

To say that only movie theatres and shopping centres are the only smoke-free areas is absolutely ludicrous.  There are far more non-smoking facilities than there are smoking ones.  Most typical restaurants in Pattaya are designated for non-smokers.  The places that allow it more than likely have a much bigger smoking customer base than non-smoking and they do not want to lose the majority of their customers.

I for one am a very thoughtful smoker.  I take notice when people are around and I am typically the guy asking if anyone else minds if I light up.  Having said that, if I am already lit up and you walk into the smoke, that is 100% on you.  There is plenty of fresh air 15 to 20 feet to either side of me that you are welcome to breathe.

Most of the places that allow smoking do so for their regulars.  They do it for the folks that live here and are inside spending money every day or every other day.  They do it because it is far better to keep your ass warming a seat and buying drinks than to send you out onto the porch for your nicotine fix.

Before long you will get angry that I decide to have a cigarette on my own back porch or balcony because it somehow offends your senses.  Leave well enough alone.  You have plenty of places to call your own that require me to go out onto the porch to smoke, it is only fair that I have my regular places that require you to go out onto the porch to get some fresh air.

My decisions, my mistakes, my risks are not anyone’s concerns but my own.  If I decide I want a cigarette with my scrambled eggs and I know a place that will let me indulge myself, you bet your nuts I am going to do it.  As far as your health is concerned, you wouldn’t walk into a radioactive room unprotected, maybe you shouldn’t walk into the establishments that exist for us smokers.

By the way, if you are worried about getting cancer from the tiny whiff of my smoke, I got bad news for you about pretty much everything else that you have come into contact with, like ever (everything will give you cancer these days).  Oh, and the “fresh air” you speak of, isn’t exactly as fresh as you make it out to be either.

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