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Recently I took a trip to the Naklua Seafood Market as it had been a while since my last visit. If you have never made the short trek and are a fan of seafood, you truly are missing out on some mighty fresh sea fares.

Visitors can find just about anything that they could possibly be looking for seafood wise, and all for extremely reasonable prices compared to buying seafood back home. In the mood for steak and lobster? You can actually find fresh beef and pork just after the seafood stalls.

So many people eat out at fancy seafood restaurants around the city when you can find exactly what you need at the market for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to have someone else prepare it for you.

Sure, there are some people out there who have fears about eating seafood that has been sitting in a market stall. What many don’t realize is that the seafood you get in the supermarkets has been sitting around for far longer than anything you will find at a Thai fresh market. Much of the selection at the Naklua Seafood Market is alive and you just don’t get any fresher than that. Anything that is no longer living is kept on ice and if you still have some fear about it, look around, the Thais have been eating this stuff forever and they are still here living and breathing.

See something you like? Most of the vendors understand enough English to be able to take your order as they deal with many foreigners on a daily basis as well as Thais. Simply tell them how many kilos you want and they’ll bag it up and have you on your way to an awesome dinner.

The more exotic the catch, the higher price tag it will have. Even still, the prices are far from outrageous, right on the border of inexpensive for the quality and freshness that you are getting.

People who love to crack open a crab every now and then will find a vast selection of species at the Naklua Fresh Market. Thailand has many different types of crab or “Pu” and they eat them all for the most part. Which one is your favourite?

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you like to cook, every country has its seafood dishes. Well, everything you need for any of those dishes is all located in one location to include a large array of vegetable and spice vendors as well.

Walking around yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that there weren’t many foreigners wandering around. There was a handful that you could tell had been living here a while but perhaps those are the only people that have the time out of their day to make the 30-minute baht bus drive to get there.

Perhaps there are still quite a few out there that just look at the Naklua Seafood Market as another crappy little market selling cold pre-cooked Thai food, but that is simply not the case. If you haven’t been you don’t know what you are letting yourself miss out on.

Some people out there are looking at this and getting hungry and others are thinking “Why would I want to cook my own food”? There is even more good news in that department. There are several little BBQ vendors around that you can take your purchases to and they will do the hard work for you. Many people use their services and then just have a seafood picnic in the adjacent park to the market. There is plenty of shade and well-groomed grassy areas to spread a blanket and eat.

For those now interested in taking a trip, here is the location information of the market:

One of the easiest ways to get there is to hop on a baht bus on the Naklua side of Dolphin Circle on 2nd Road. The baht bus does a straight shot to Lan Po Market (which is the last stop on the route before he turns around and comes back).

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