The Deterioration of our planet through improper waste disposal is an ongoing global issue.

Incorrectly disposed of trash or “littering” as we might more commonly refer to it is an issue that has been affecting the beaches and other areas of Pattaya for a long time. Much like many other cities across the world, we have observed the situation worsen and in time have learnt about the catastrophic outcomes that are eventuating onto wildlife and ecosystems.

With Pattaya being a tourism-based city the cleanliness of its major landmarks especially its beaches is crucial. Many first time travellers will pick their destination based on the promises of a beautiful beach, picturesque scenery or the availability of unique activities or events. Whilst Pattaya continues to offer some beautiful scenery and various diverse activities it is quite clear to see that a world-class beach won’t be on offer any time soon.

Or will it?.

2019 saw the foundation and rollout of “Planet Cleanup” A volunteer organisation being headed by Pattaya residents Chem Perez and his fiancée Anne Steeghs.  Planet Cleanup started with just four people wanting to improve their local surroundings and in less than a year now has over a hundred volunteers eager to do their part. Focusing on the removal of waste products mainly plastics from beaches and other natural areas around Pattaya the group is rapidly being recognised and praised for its contribution. The early introduction of video footage coupled with social media has helped immensely with growing the movement as well as getting children involved who at the very least are keen to help if it means getting themselves onto a YouTube video!

The mission for planet Cleanup going forward into 2020 is much to be expected with the group striving for growth, awareness and more regular events to conquer their goals.

More information can be found about this great campaign at – or via the #tag #thegoodnews

The diverse range of ages and ethnicities involved goes to show that despite the issue being a cause of everyone, the solution can be a result of anyone.

For more about Planet Cleanup check out Chem Perez on YouTube

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