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It seems like a lot of people in Pattaya don’t grasp the “social distancing” concept; That goes for the whiners online who are complaining that people aren’t staying locked in their houses and the idiots out having drinking parties with their friends.

The fact is, we aren’t in a lockdown or under mandatory “stay at home” orders, yet. There is nothing wrong with people getting out and doing the things they need to get done around the city. This virus has turned everyone into a hip-pocket medical expert and it is becoming increasingly annoying.

For those of you locked in your rooms and complaining that others aren’t following suit, we aren’t required to be in the room, as much as you whine and pitch a fit about it, nothing changes until an actual order comes from the Thailand government that says “everyone will remain indoors”. Just because you choose to be a little over-eager and stay in your room, does not give you any justification to tell anyone else what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their lives.  The only requirement of social distancing is to maintain a reasonable distance from groups and strangers so cool your jets and stay in your own swimming lanes. You control absolutely nothing in this situation but yourself, no matter how overflowing with self-worth your cup is.

That being said, if you are one of the people that is going out like nothing is going on whatsoever and/or getting together in groups at bars that should be closed when you shouldn’t be, that is your prerogative, but I hope the police get your ass and make an example out of you. There is a reason that the government has closed entertainment venues and it wasn’t so that you could find alternative places to party.

No matter what you believe about this virus, the actions you take could directly affect those that you love and care about around you. In the last week, I have seen several friends depart from Thailand on potentially perilous trips to their home countries because they didn’t want to be stuck in Thailand if anything were to happen to their families. What happens though when you run the coronavirus gauntlet and end up being the one to infect your family? “oh, shit, didn’t think of that”.

Personally, I’m the type of person, that if this thing did happen to be the CoronApocalypse end of the world that people are talking about, I’ll be damned if I spend the last of my days cooped up in the room. You won’t find me out in any groups of people or drinking and partying it up. There is absolutely no way I will let anyone direct me to stay in the room though unless the direction happens to come from the Thai authorities.

Everyone needs to calm down and start focusing on the actions of themselves rather than the actions of others. Nobody gives a damn if you have read every article written on the coronavirus or about any of the stats that you came up with over cereal this morning. While we are doing this social distancing thing, you keep to yourself and I’ll keep mine, that’s what social distancing is all about after all.

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