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Its an all too common romantic tragedy.  Boy comes to Thailand and falls in love with Girl.  Boy and Girl have a great time together and talk about what the future holds for them.  Boy cries as he gets in his taxi to the airport for his flight home but promises to stay in touch with girl.  Being that Boy is a man of his word (and also quite lonely back home) you can bet he will too.  He also promises to send her some money so she can look after herself while he is away.

Boy calls Girl every day.  Sometimes it takes her a while to get to the phone or to call him back, but she always does in the end.  Boy can tell that Girl is working very hard as a “cashier” for her bar.  Sometimes when she answers the phone she is more winded than an all-star athlete.

Fast Forward To Week 2:

Today Boy was so excited to talk to Girl but Girl was very unhappy.  It seems both the daughter that Boy didn’t know about and the family buffalo both got sick at the same time.  Poor Girl just paid rent yesterday and is so stressed out.  Boy’s heart breaks for her and being the gentlemen that he is, he decides to send her some “get well soon buffalo” money.

I think everyone gets where the story is going by now.  It is time someone asked the question about sponsors.  Why on earth do they continue to send girls money from back home knowing that there is a 99.5% chance that she is probably right back in the same bar he met her in every night?  Is it really that hard for these guys to walk away until the next vacation?

Personally I’m just curious.  It is totally your money and you do with it what you want, you earned it, you are entitled to that.  It does generate some curiosity amongst us people who say “are you fu*king crazy”?  To top it all off, you are sponsoring someone that calls every week or two with a new excuse as to why she needs you to send her some cash.

Do people actually feel like they are buying some kind of loyalty from her or that she actually needs your money like those old “fly in the eye” style save-a-kid commercials?  I’m not knocking you for doing it, I am just trying to see the logic behind it.  Kind of makes you wonder how many hearts Pattaya girls have destroyed out there to date.

After living here for about 6-years now, I have seen guys sending ridiculous amounts of cash and typically the same excuses are used.  Here are a few “red flag” excuses to watch out for:

  1. The family buffalo is sick/died/is dying and money is needed to save it/buy a new one
  2. The kid you may or may not have known about who may or may not actually exist is sick
  3. Poor Girl is sick and needs to go/is in hospital
  4. The girl just found out she is pregnant with your baby and needs your support
  5. Girl’s phone broke/got stolen
  6. Girl’s motorbike has an issue/needs repair
  7. The girl needs to send her monthly money home to mom and dad and for whatever reason doesn’t have any.
  8. The girl is starving and needs money for food.
  9. The girl has to make a random trip back to her home city and needs money to get there
  10. The girl has been spending too much time on the phone to you and needs money to top it up.

While I’d just advise that guys stop sending these women money like they are a starving child in Ethiopia who needs dire assistance, they will continue to do it for whatever reasons that they do it for.  Perhaps it is a feeling of charity to be able to “assist” others, perhaps it is that they don’t have anything else to spend their ridiculous fortunes on, or maybe it is just that they are truly gob-smacked and in love with the girl.

I have spoken to and am friends with some girls who have 4 or 5 “boyfriends” (aka sponsors) that send them money at a time.  I’m not sure how they find the time to juggle them all around, but the stack of western union receipts in their purse says they make it work.

If you are a sponsor reading this from back home, why do you do it?  Tell us in the comments and help us to make sense of it all.

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