Pattaya —

A benevolent owner of the Stone’s House club on Pattaya Walking Street gave away free food and snacks to passersby in order to celebrate her birthday yesterday, May 4th.

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Ms. Amporn Kaewsaeng, the president and face of many Pattaya organizations and businesses, held a massive food giveaway yesterday to hand over meals, snacks, and fruits to anyone who wanted them on Pattaya Walking Street.

Ms. Amporn, who is the owner of the Stone House’s club, said to The Pattaya News that the event was in celebration of her birthday, so she wanted to do something good for the public.

Assisting her were various business owners in Pattaya and her friends. The food was handed over to anyone, tourists, Pattaya residents, and Walking Street workers alike. The giveaways mainly included bamboo shoots and chicken curry, pizza, and over 200 kilograms of Kanom Jeen Namya (rice noodles with fish curry).

The food distribution brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Amporn along with a group of Pattaya entrepreneurs and various organizations, frequently opened “free kitchens” to distribute freshly cooked meals to those in need. This is a part of their efforts to assist low-income people and workers, and to give back to the community, according to them.


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