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As many people have heard, Thailand has decided that it is acceptable for temples and some National Parks to only allow Thai nationals in.  This of course has caused a mighty uproar in the expat community throughout Thailand and people all over social media are expressing themselves, with many straight out saying that it is blatantly racist.

These are the same people, who only 2 weeks ago were complaining that the beaches weren’t opened, yet, today the beach is open but where are the moaners?  I don’t see them out swimming. (Things that make you go hmmm…)

Ultimately, there is always someone out there that is upset about some..THING. In Pattaya they just seem to group together and form little cliques of negativity.  The same people that are screaming “RACIST” are the ones who constantly gripe about the “damn Indians” or the “damn Chinese” when Pattaya is in full-swing.

Let’s not kid ourselves here.  On a normal day, most of the people that are doing the complaining would be working, perched on their favorite bar stool or headed down to Soi 6 for a “shower”.  NONE of the folks that you see complaining about not being able to get into the temples are going there because they are practicing Buddhists who want to pray.

We are still in somewhat of a pandemic here.  That being said, it should be common sense that Thailand is responsible for and will look after the Thai people before any tourists or expats that decided to stay behind.  Why would they risk the health of elderly Thais that actually frequent the temples for their religion so that you can go take some selfies?

You’d literally think it was the end of the world for some of these people.  My question is, why did they decide to stay in Thailand for the Coronavirus instead of going back to their home country? The reality of the situation is that this will likely not be a “forever” rule.  Much like people have to wait to go back to getting sloshed in their favorite bar, they will have to wait for some other things as well.

Personally, I’d say Thailand has handled the virus FAR better than others comparatively speaking. Don’t listen to the people who are CONSTANTLY negative on social media, their attitude and demeanor are HIGHLY contagious!

If the only beauty people care about on the regular is the next one that they are going to pick up off of beach road for a quickie, I find it extremely hard to believe that they have suddenly become someone who is interested in the wilderness and national parks.  Will you also tell me that you’d STILL be interested in a national park visit if the bars all suddenly opened up tomorrow?

Mark my word, you will see the same exact people that are complaining about this, complaining when the Chinese tours start back up and the Indians come back to town.  The expats in Thailand need to take a collective deep breath and cool their jets. Me? I’m just thankful that I get to wake up every day in a place that many back home would consider a dream.


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