For those of you that may not know it, off the backside of Bali Hai pier, near the Pattaya lighthouse, is an amazing spot to check out the sunset every day.

The issue was that the area over by the lighthouse wasn’t a very nice place to sit around before and was just generally dirty all the time.  Thanks to the help of Nongnooch Garden, that has now been changed.

Though the area isn’t quite yet complete, you can already see the vast improvements that have been made.  There are rows of beautiful palm trees and a nice, new and level footpath that have already been installed, whereas before there was nothing but weeds and rubble from the illegal restaurant that was torn down hastily.

Due to the way the area looked before, nobody really cared about the state of the beach surrounding the area either.  Trash and debris would float in and sit for weeks.  On our last visit, the beach had been cleared of any trash or debris and a beach and rocks with beautifully green algae were all that was left behind.

The crews came in and removed many of the older trees that stood in the way as well to provide a much more panoramic view of Thailand’s beautiful sunset over Koh Lan.  It looks as though they are still making improvements (definitely have some room for benches or some type of sitting area).

Even if they don’t end up dropping in benches, there is plenty of useable room now where you can drop a beach blanket and take in the naturally painted sunsets daily.

No matter what they decide to do to improve the area further, it is already a tremendous improvement and a great new spot for all of us here in Pattaya.

To get to the Pattaya lighthouse and updated sunset lookout point, continue down Walking Street and pass Bali Hai pier.  Keep straight on Beach road and you won’t be able to miss it. 

The area is popular with local fishermen after dark as they all use the cement pier to the right of the lighthouse for catching squid and other delicacies of the sea.

As the scene changes, we will bring you the updates right here on Pattaya Unplugged.




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