What do Yanks get more excited about than Soccer? That’s right, American football.

Tomorrow around 06:00 parties will strike up throughout Pattaya for the most iconic game of the year, The Superbowl. This year’s battle will bet between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Francisco 49’ers with kickoff set for around 06:30 Thailand time.

There is a pretty decent selection of bars and other venues around town that will be showing the game, many with complimentary food available too!

Tigglebitties Tavern throws an annual Superbowl party with discounted food and an all-day happy hour! The gathering starts at 06:00 and is first-come, first-serve. No reservations are being made. Tigglebitties is an American restaurant that serves some of the best home comfort foods in the city.

ChickNCoop Beer Bar is an American owned beer bar. The owner Coop is well known for his huge Superbowl parties and military get-togethers. There is no doubt that the bar will be packed, so make sure you get there early to get a spot. The show at ChickNCoop starts at 05:00 tomorrow morning.

Hooters Pattaya will have the game on and is currently making reservations for your table. Hooters is typically packed-out on Superbowl day so get your spot now. If you miss it, however, Hooters will also be showing a replay of the game at 20:00 for those that didn’t make the morning show. Doors will open at 06:30, right around kickoff time.

Le Pub Pattaya is another great little place to head if you are looking for a great group of people to watch the game with. They will be opening the doors at 06:00. The owner, Mister Egg (Phil Ross) is a bit of a local celebrity and an all-around great host with a fully air-conditioned bar and quite literally the coldest beer in town.

This is a small selection of the venues that will be showing tomorrow’s game. Regardless of where you go, make sure you get in early to get a seat as many places will be standing-room-only after a certain time!

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